• Why Re-Elect Chris Clark?

    As your City Council Member and Mayor over the last four years, I've led Mountain View through challenges ranging from a deep recession to unprecedented growth and have demonstrated a strong commitment to our city and its residents. Here are some of the reasons you can confidently vote to re-elect me in November:

    Proven Leadership & Experience

    I am a dedicated public servant with nearly 10 years of combined service as a Mountain View Commissioner, Councilmember, and Mayor. I am frequently described as a consensus builder who solves the toughest challenges through strong community and council engagement.

    A Fiscally Sound & Environmentally Sustainable Community

    Council has worked diligently to strengthen our financial position over the last 4 years, and Mountain View remains one of the few cities with a AAA credit rating. I will maintain our tradition of fiscal responsibility while making wise investments in community's future.


    I have also chaired the Council's Environmental Sustainability Committee and led efforts to preserve the environment and expand parks and green space in Mountain View and throughout the region.

    Commitment to a Safety and Diversity

    During my mayorship, we emphasized bike and pedestrian safety through investments in infrastructure and public awareness, and we achieved zero bike/ped deaths in 2014. Though we suffered tragedies in subsequent years, we remain committed to Vision Zero and are working hard to make 2014 the norm.


    I'm also committed to ensuring Mountain View's diversity remains its greatest strength. I helped lead local and regional efforts to raise the minimum wage, invest in new and affordable housing, and expand youth and senior services.

  • Priorities for the Next Four Years

    Mountain View's most awarded affordable housing project, the Franklin Street Family Apartments.

    Balanced Growth & More Affordable Housing

    In my first term, we engaged the community in a multi-year effort to balance growth and development with the Mountain View character we all love. We reached consensus on where and how to grow and what to preserve and protect, and now it's time to implement those plans.


    I will continue balancing the growth needed to sustain our community with the existing neighborhoods we value, and I will promote sound, effective strategies for maintaining diversity and affordability.

    Mountain View's first green bike lanes! Photo courtesy of Cherie Walkowiak & Safe Mountain View.

    Robust Investment in

    Transportation & Infrastructure Emphasizing Bike/Pededstrian Safety & Connectivity

    Mountain View is held up as an example throughout the nation for its public-private partnerships and use of creative incentive structures to:

    • Fund critical infrastructure improvements
    • Limit development impacts, especially traffic and single occupancy vehicle trips
    • Encourage companies to invest in bike and pedestrian connectivity and safety

    I will apply these policies and any new learnings to future planning updates, such as in the East Whisman area, to mitigate the impacts of new development.

    Shoreline Amphitheatre in the environmentally sensitive North Bayshore area of Mountain View

    Environmental Sustainability, Protection, and Restoration

    As Chair of the Council's Environmental Sustainability Committee, I have championed the preservation of environmentally sensitive areas such as the North Bayshore area and the expansion of parks and open space.


    As part of our recent planning decisions, new developments are not only highly sustainable, but are shrinking their existing building footprints and putting parking underground so we can turn parking lots and other underutilized space into new public parks and open space.

    Hacker Dojo ribbon cutting, courtesy of the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce

    Fiscal Discipline, Economic Vitality, & Consensus Building

    I joined Council just as we were exiting the worst recession in recent memory. We made very tough decisions and cuts, but we managed to do so without laying off a single employee.


    Everyone sacrificed so no one lost their job. As a result, our city is now in a strong fiscal position that we must maintain.


    I will continue bringing all parties together to find ways to sustainably grow Mountain View's economy so everyone wins with:

    • High quality local jobs created,
    • More affordable housing built
    • Impacts from new development like traffic capped and mitigated
    • Our environment protected and restored.



  • Endorsements

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  • About Chris

    I was born and raised on a family farm in rural Illinois where I learned the values of hard work, responsibility, community, and environmental protection at an early age. I attended local public schools and caught the bug for public service after being selected to serve as one of a few dozen Pages for the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, DC. I then moved to the Bay Area to attend Stanford University and graduated with a B.A. in Political Science, secondary major in International Relations, and a minor in Economics.


    I have broad work experience that spans private and public sectors throughout the world. After working during college to help pay my way through Stanford, I rotated through several assignments at the U.S. State Department in Germany. I then joined AT&T's Leadership Development Program in which I managed union and non-union employees, developed long and short-term corporate strategy, helped launch the iPhone, and led regional community service initiatives across three major cities.


    After serving on the Mountain View Human Relations and Environmental Planning Commissions for several years, I was elected to City Council in 2012 and became Mayor in 2014. You can read about my first term accomplishments above, but I believe the last 4 years were some of the most challenging and productive years in recent Mountain View history, and I am proud of our city's progress.


    I rented in several Mountain View neighborhoods before recently buying a condo and have experienced firsthand the challenges of Mountain View's high cost of living as both a renter and first-time homebuyer. As an avid runner, you will frequently find me on the Stevens and Permanente Creek trails.


    I strive to represent you while sharing my experience, leadership, innovative ideas, and commitment to public service in an effort to make Mountain View an even better place to live, work, and raise our families. I humbly and respectfully request your vote for another term.

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